Clark Heindel

Clark Heindel has worked as a counselor and psychologist in Middle for Ga for over 30 years. He began yoga after watching Richard Hittleman’s “Yoga for Health” in black and white years ago. Over the past twenty years, Dr. Heindel has developed a regular practice. He has taught yoga to employees at Central State Hospital, residents of residential treatment facilities, as well as free yoga at the Riverwalk and Central City Park in Milledgeville. He received his 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification from FrogLotus at their retreat in Suryalila, Spain. He recognizes the benefits of yoga from a purely physical practice to a means for healing and spiritual growth.

Liz Havey

Liz Havey has served Georgia College for ten years as a study abroad adviser and staff adviser to the Multisport Club, is an active member and chair of the board for the Bicycling Club of Milledgeville, and was recently appointed to serve on the board of the Oconee River Greenway Authority. She received her 200 hour certification in 2014 from Yogaful Day Shala in Athens, GA. Her practice began as a teenager after watching a movie about a young man transformed from and angry discontent to a patient and thoughtful healer through his yoga practice. Yoga is not only a great way to strengthen and tone the body, but has incredible healing powers over both the body and mind. It's not about how flexible you are, but how open your mind is.


Allison Esposito

Allison Esposito graduated as an Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy major at Georgia College in May 2017. Her training in the aerial arts began in high school where she was trained on a performance level in Silks, Trapeze, Lyra, Spanish Web, Straps, Pole, German Wheel, Cyr Wheel, and partner ground acrobatics. After performing in shows for 4 years, she began teaching fundamental silk techniques to beginners at a gym called Akrosphere. She fell in love with teaching the same way she fell in love with performing, so she was an enthusiastic new addition to the Good Karma team! She absolutely loves the Silks and looks forward to sharing her passion for them before every class!


Emily McKevitt

Emily McKevitt is a recent graduate of Georgia College. Having studied Exercise Science, she has a strong interest in how the body works and how yoga can be a beneficial, supplemental exercise to any body. Emily received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification in Hawaii with the Soma Yoga Institute. with emphasis on therapeutic benefits of yoga. She teaches Iyengar (alignment) yoga, all-levels vinyasa flow, earlybird and restorative yoga.


Ryan Loveeachother

Ryan Loveeachother stepped onto his first yoga mat in 2009. He was barefoot and trying to let go. His mother had just died. It was six days after her 50th birthday. A sudden heart attack during her daily sunrise jog. In the months following, power vinyasa sated Ryan's thirst for high-octane physical workouts. Of equal importance, the practice's focus on deep and expansive breathing helped unwind and 'work-out' this trauma. Hooked by yoga's dual workout-therapy benefits, in 2012, Ryan received his 200-hour Teacher Certification from Corepower Yoga in St. Paul, MN. Ryan teaches all-levels vinyasa flow, advanced power yoga, gentle-restorative yoga and Bikram Hot yoga. Currently, he is a Teaching Fellow and non-fiction writer in GCSU's MFA Creative Writing Program. He is still barefoot and trying to let go. 


Carol McFadden

Carol McFaddenjoined the GoodKarma family in 2017.  She was trained in Atlanta. During a recovery process from injury, she began to regain strength; this started her journey into yoga. It heals the body and is a continuous learning process. Each day strive to be better than the day before. Keeping your body strong & supple improves everyday life.

hannah oniasis good karma instructor

Hannah Onians

Hannah joined the Good Karma family in August of 2016, after receiving her 200hr Yoga Instructor Training in Asheville, North Carolina during the Summer. Hannah's teaching style brings a soothing tone to class, with the occasional inclusion of introspective readings during savasana. Check out one of Hannah's Vinyasa Flow classes on our new schedule!

Emily Boylan