We provide a variety of classes for any student at any level. From beginners to experts, there's a Good Karma class that's perfect to build your practice.  If you have questions about which class is right for you, feel free to contact us!

Class "Levels": While most Good Karma Yoga classes are suited for  all levels of yoga practice, some are better for the beginner, intermediate or advanced yoga practitioner. The recommended level of practice is noted beneath class names.

We ask students to arrive 15 minutes before class begins and set up their mats facing the front of class.
Mats, blocks and straps are available for use free of charge.

You can register for classes online by clicking "Register," and creating an account through the  MInd/Body system

Beginner/ Intermediate Flow



These classes focus on beginner yoga postures. They provide a series of yoga poses with concise instruction and incorporate basic pilates for strengthening. The classes are perfect for providing basic instructions for those beginning a yoga practice while allowing more advanced students modifications to increase the difficulty level and fine tune the asanas.

Vinyasa Flow

LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced


Vinyasa Flow offers powerful and dynamic flowing sequences set to upbeat music. This  all-levels class has beginner to advanced options, but might be challenging for a yoga beginner. A knowledge of sun salutations is recommended. Be prepared to sweat, as the studio will get WARM while you let go and let flow!


Restorative Yoga



Restorative Yoga provides all levels a slow class, intended to help an active yoga practice, or simply decompress after a stressful day. Using props, postures are held for a longer period of time to initiate a deeper stretch and relaxation of the body and mind. 

Fundamentals of  Yoga




Fundamentals of  yoga focuses on alignment and precision of the body by emphasizing proper biomechanics and deepening mind-body connection. Poses are typically held longer in this class. Props- blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, etc,.- are utilized and recommended to deepen the pose and allow space and time for making adjustments to correct alignment and increase confidence in poses. Students will practice the correct alignment suitable for their own individual body and gain strength, flexibility and openness. 


Morning  Flow LEVEL: All


Start the day off right with Earlybird flow! This  class is designed to wake up and energize the body. We will salute sun with a complete practice, linking breath and movement, forward folding, back bending, and a bit of strength work. Feel the benefits of an early morning practice in energy, alertness, and an increased range of motion at the beginning of the day! This class can be modified to fit all levels of practice.


Hot Power Yoga

LEVEL:  Intermediate-Advanced


Hot power yoga is more physically demanding than most classes offered at Good Karma. We heat the room to 100 degrees, creating a mental and physical challenge! This powerful style of yoga uses your own body weight for intense strength training. Power yoga flows at a faster pace, strengthening the mind while the body moves from one pose to the next. The heat and sweat encourages muscle suppleness, joint mobility, and flexibility- all while detoxifying the largest organ... our skin! This class is very demanding, and not recommended for beginners. 

Aerial Yoga Silks

LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced


A lively, fun aerial hammock class that is open to all ages, shapes, and sizes! Whether you have never participated in a yoga class before or if you are a yogi expert, this class is for you! The class begins with deep joint opener stretching, elongating and preparing the body to take flight! We will be on and off the silks throughout the class, mastering how to stand, invert, and climb with ease! Bring your friends and enjoy a class dedicated to childish fun!


Mindfulness Meditation



No question that we live in a fast paced, multi-tasking universe,
and while we owe much to our abilities to handle multiple situations simultaneously, we pay a price. Ironically the perfect antidote for our chattering pre-frontal cortex can be found in the centuries old tradition of meditation. Modern psychology has piggy backed on this with the term mindfulness, a process focusing on the present tense with an awareness of the baggage our personal monkey brain is bringing. So be still with us and experience the calming effect of focusing on breath and letting go of our personal monkey brain.


Individual, couple, or small group consultations



If you want to begin a yoga practice, built are unsure about which if any class would be your best fit, a private consultation is the perfect place to start. Let one of our certified instructors spend an hour with you, a couple, or a small group and help develop a plan for you. This will include recommendations for beginning a home practice, matching you up with Good Karma classes, and possibly continuing as an individual or small group.


Yoga with Weights



Yoga with Weights combines the practices of vinyasa flow and mind and body yoga with light hand weights, up to five pounds each. Adding light weights to your yoga practice enhances your asanas, yoga postures, and mindfulness. Light weights in your yoga practice creates more focus to your muscle groups and your alignment. This yoga practice creates resistance and develops long and lean muscles and muscle tone. You will find your balance, flexibility and core strength will increase. This practice will heighten your mental awareness, lessen your mind chatter and keep you in the present. Yoga Sculpt is a 60 minute class, starting with a traditional warm up and savasana for meditation and closure..., in between, we will work, breath and play.


Yin & Flow

LEVEL: All Levels


Yin & Flow is a sweet blend of breath-based vinyasa flow and yin.  The flow synchronizes movements of the breath with a dynamic sequence of yoga postures connected in a smooth, dance-like flow.  The poses are intended to build strength and flexibility, while challenging personal balance and concentration.  Interlaced in the flow are yin poses that target the connective tissues of the body to help release deeply stored tension.  These poses must be held for longer periods to allow time for the ligaments, tendons, and deep fascial networks which are dryer and less elastic to gradually lengthen and strengthen.  Woven together, the two styles promote inner stillness and peace.